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The Agreement:

This agreement states that you comply with all the Terms of Use with regard to our website. This document comprises the entire agreement between both of us with respect to the Country Club website and replaces all the previous agreements made with respect to the website. The website includes content, products or services provided by or through the Site, and the subject matter of this Agreement. We may alter this Agreement at any time without specific notice to you. The most up-to-date Agreement will be posted on the Site, which you must review before using the Site.

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CCHHL allows you to use content from this website for your personal use and not for any non-commercial purpose. Kindly avoid editing or deleting content, which has the copyright notice appearing on it. Do not modify any content on the website. Do not reproduce, sell use the content for any purpose except as mentioned under this Agreement. Copyright in the content on this website is owned and used with permission solely by CCHHL. Any unauthorized use of any such content in this website may violate copyright, trademark and other proprietary (including but not limited to intellectual property) legal rights of CCHHL. As a user of this website you are granted a nontransferable and limited license to access and use website content in agreement with the Terms of Use. CCHHL can cease this license at any given time, with no prior notice.

Content restrictions:

CCHHL solely reserves the right to make changes in any of the documents or delete them, or modify information or other content appearing on the website.

Other links on the CCHHL website:

The other links that you find on this website are not created, owned or operated by CCHHL. Hence CCHHL is not responsible for the content; accuracy or opinions expressed in those websites, and we do not keep a tab on the content that is found on those websites. The other links on the CCHHL website do not suggest that we have approved that particular content. Once you click on those links, you instantly leave our website and access these third-party sites, which you do so at your own risk. CCHHL does not wish to create any form of publicity for the other website links found on our website.


The content and other privileges available on this website are declared Available and to the best possible extent are permitted by the law that is applicable to the content and services provided. CCHHL denies all forms of warranties even if implied, including warranties with regard to merchantability, use or the results of the use of this website. The warranties have no connection to the third websites and the information contained in their sites as well. The content and information present in this website may contain viruses and errors. Please note, that you may encounter certain technical problems or limitations while accessing our website.

The Liability Limitation:

The liability for the damages that may occur under this agreement are limited to the total amount paid for the goods, services and the information. The same applies to the damages that may occur based on the performance of CCHHL and the services rendered by it.
We reiterate again that CCHHL shall not be liable for the use of any form of content provided by the website for your personal use. Also considering the maximum possible extent permitted by the applicable law, CCHHL shall not be held responsible in discrete circumstances as well. CCHHL is also not legally responsible for any indirect damages including damages resulting to loss of profits, business or similar such cases. Even if CCHHL has been informed of such losses and damages regardless of the action that is to be taken, CCHHL is not liable to anything legally. The negation of damages mentioned is based on bargain made between CCHHL and you. The website and the content presented on the website will not be provided without limitations. CCHHL will not entertain any kind or form of advice got by you from CCHHL will enable in creating any warrantee or guarantee which has not be stated on this agreement.

The Laws:

This website is subject to all the laws of India which is owned by CCHHL and all it’s branches across India. If a user of this website, you instantly submit to the non-exclusive authority of the courts of India, in case of any dispute with regard to this agreement. CCHHL makes no representation that this content can be used in territories where such content is prohibited. Kindly abstain from exporting the content from this website or copy any form of adaptation, which violates the laws or regulations.


If any clause or provision listed in the CCHHL website agreement does not validate or is unenforceable, that clause will be implemented to the extreme extent possible and the other provisions shall remain enabled.

No Legal involvement:

CCHHL firmly declares that any of the content provided on the website does not comprise of any legal advice and no form of lawyer- client relationship is shared. CCHHL does not treat any of this content confidential or private. The precision and currency of the content on this website is not warranted or guaranteed. Please use the content of this website and the content available on the links that appear on the CCHHL website at your own risk.


The content available on the CCHHL website is subjected and protected by the copyright laws. Please abstain from distributing or using this content for any kind of commercial purpose.’The owners of the intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks or its affiliates or third party licensors’. The contents of this website are also subjected to domestic and international copyright and trademark laws which protect all CCHHL website content. You are strictly prohibited from editing, changing, recreating, posting, uploading or distributing any content from this site, which also includes text, graphics, code and software.

Terms of the policy:

All rights to change, alter and revise the terms of policy are reserved solely by CCHHL and it can wish to do the same at any given time or circumstance. The changes will be seen in this document as well. As a commercial entity, we shall be under no liability in case of any loss or damage due to the direct or indirect decline of permission for transactions, which may exceed the preset limit on the account of the cardholder. This will be acquired on a regular basis with our concerned bank.

“We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the pre-set limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time”



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