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Country Club India introduces its new venture; Country Condos. It is a 100% eco friendly, signature project that is designed to meet international benchmarks of RCI Gold Crown specification. Fully loaded on entertainment facilities at the leisure infrastructure projects that would house the condos, it include a 5500 sq ft of swimming pool with in built Jacuzzi for added luxury; leisure in Country Condos is re defined with floating bar and a multi cuisine restaurant that overlooks the pool. Defined children area and deluxe rooms and individual cottages add ample space to make it a family weekend getaway.

This Country Club India project is to house state of the art facilities like Health and Wellness Spa, a Convention Center, a Helipad, Wedding Pavilion and Sports Stadiums in its future course of development at its first leisure infrastructure project. Country Club India project, Country Condos is a double edge offering of a holiday home backed with a Rent Back option to its members to continually add a second income from the condominium by agreement with the RMC.


What is RMC?

  • RMC stands for Resort Management Company, a professional management company headed by Mr. Austin Shu an experienced hospitality expert and former GM Taj. Rich in experience and professionally trained to handle the nitty gritty of every aspect involved. He lays the corner stone for the international standards for operational procedures; maintaining the inventory given to him in top notch conditions.
  • It manages your property and will directly be responsible for maintaining and upkeep of the property.
  • The outfit currently handling the 155 clubs with over 5000 room inventory across franchisee properties in India; Backed by a well knit infrastructure marvel that includes 24/7 customer care team that is professionally aided by technologically advanced operational procedures including CRS, Web based inter connectivity, online web portal and real time online booking system etc.
Advantages of RMC
    •   RMC is your friend philosopher and guide with regard to your private condo.
    •   Signing up with RMC gives you the benefits of owing a Condo while transferring the maintenance liability on to it.
    •   RMC even pays your maintenance bills, water, electricity, power bills etc.apart from the upkeep of the place.
    •   It helps you transform your Condo to be your second income by leasing it on a rent back option to 1,50,000 members of CCIL on demand.
    •   However it banks the appreciating value of land exclusively for you, thus adding a dual edge of liquidity.
    •   Free maintenance for two years.

How it works

    •   Register with RMC
    •   Your Condo is added to the network of rooms on online web portal for rent.
    •   Your Condo will then be marketed by a hugely networked team that coordinates and books room nights across our 1, 50,000 members.
    •   On demand, the CRS automatically scans for the availability of your condo and books the same.
    •   Once the rent is collected it will be credited to your account on a 50:50 profit sharing basis.

How much does it cost?

Signing up with RMC is currently free

Can I use my condo if RMC takes care of it?

Yes, once you give your condo to RMC you still can stay there. Just book the condo in advance so that we have not let it out to any other client

As I am not paying for any maintenance charges when I sign up for RMC are they any charges for me to use my condo?

Yes. As no charges are collected to maintain your condo and RMC takes care of electricity and water bills. A nominal maintenance and administration charge of Rs.100 per day will be charged.

If my room is sold for Rs.1000 or Rs.1500 or Rs.2000 or Rs. 2500 what will I get?

Simple, when a room is sold we have a 50:50 profit sharing agreement. Rs.300 per night is charged as maintenance when any one other than the owner stays at the condo.

 For Rs.2500

 For Rs.2000

 For Rs.1500

 For Rs.1000

 Maintenance Rs.300

 Maintenance Rs.300

 Maintenance Rs.300

 Maintenance Rs.300

 RMC 50%- Rs.1100

 RMC 50% - Rs. 850

 RMC 50% - Rs.600

 RMC 50% - Rs. 350

 You 50% - Rs. 1100

 You 50% - Rs. 850

 You 50% - Rs. 600

 You 50% - Rs 350

The need for RMC

The Hospitality industry is in its golden years of growth stuck for want of more. According to Karnataka Tourism there is a current shortage of 15,000 Rooms.

A study conducted by Crisil Research has forecast a surge in hotel room rates (ARR - 10%) well beyond the current highs. The Report has also predicted good times for the hospitality industry over the next five years. The study has predicted a rise in demand for hotel rooms in metros and developing cities (at a compounded rate of 10 per cent over the next five years.). Occupancy rates are expected to increase from the current 74 per cent to 76 per cent and 77 per cent in 2006. However Room availability factor is only expected to grow at a moderate rate of 5 per cent over the next two years. According to the study, room demand growth in the next five years will be the highest in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai. Bangalore dominates the ARR chart with 25.5% over last year figures.

RMC Confidence

RMC continually perseveres in increasing the infrastructure facilities to potentially increase marketability of its rooms. Floated by a fast track growth company in leisure infrastructure like CCIL RMC is all set to add an International Convention Center, Wedding Pavilion, Helipad, Spa, Sports related stadiums, Fun Castle for kids etc the attractions are growing adding to the confidence of RMC.
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